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Avail a wide range of Paper Adhesives, Pipe Glues & Sealants, Hot Melt Adhesives and more for widespread applications in industries of furniture, mattresses, foam, carpeting and upholstery...

About Us

Super Bond Adhesives Pvt. Ltd.
has acquired an eminent name across India with their top quality Adhesives & Sealants since inception in the year 1991. Operating with a foresight to become a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier across Pan India and worldwide, we follow a quality & client-driven approach towards our business. Our success within these 25 years have been the result of market orientation, relentless & thorough research and innovation. We have become a trusted name for offering next-generation products like Rubber Based Adhesives, Woodworking Adhesives,
Pipe Glues & Sealants, Wood Working Adhesives, Wood Finishes, Rubber Based Adhesives and more to our widespread patronage.

Working under Super Bond Group, the company has transformed into a technology powerhouse with the deep understanding of market challenges and understanding of the innovative substrate bonding needs. By partnering with our clients we have faced multiple challenges of handling their diverse needs with utmost precision and perfection. The products designed by us are appreciated for their high adhesion, effectiveness and durability, by numerous manufacturers of mattresses, automobiles, flooring/ carpet, paper & packaging, PVC pipes & fittings, and furniture in India.

Our Goals

Providing best solutions for substrate bonding for diverse industrial segments who currently face challenges in regard of dynamic climatic conditions and varying performance requirements. By understanding the needs of our clients better, we foresee to achieve enhanced rate of success each day and this is all credited to our partnership with customers.

Application Areas

All our products find widespread applications in majority of domain and sectors. Some of these are listed below:

  • Pipe Jointing
  • Footwear and Leather
  • Automobiles: Car Interiors /Bus Body
  • Notebooks/Packaging & Other Paper Converters
  • Mattresses/Sofa/Chair & Other Furniture
  • 3D Lamination
  • PVC Membrane Doors & Kitchen cabinets
  • PVC to Wood/Ply Wood Coatings on Furniture

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